Carrier Integration


This page is for you if you are a carrier looking to integrate with Carriyo

Carriyo brings together over 45 local and international carriers to a single platform, which our clients can access via our API and Dashboard. We do this using carrier connectors, which are specifically designed and built for each carrier.

The Carriyo team is continuously building new carrier connectors based on our customer's demand. Once we build a connector, it is added to our catalog of connectors and can used by all our clients, adding more value to our customers.

A connector uses the carrier's API to perform various operations, such as, booking a shipment, generating a label, scheduling a pickup, tracking shipment status and so on. To enable this tight integration, the Carriyo team needs to understand the carrier API in detail. We generally need a full documentation from the carrier team along with access to their test environment to build the connector.

This guide aims to list out the high level requirements we expect from the carrier API to build a reliable connector. If you are a carrier looking to integrate with the Carriyo platform, then this guide is a great starting point for you to understand how you can prepare for the integration.