Carrier Integration


This page is for you if you are a carrier looking to integrate with Carriyo

Carriyo offers a comprehensive platform that consolidates over 60 local and international carriers, accessible to our clients through our API and Dashboard.

To meet our customers' needs, the Carriyo team continuously integrates new carriers. Once a carrier's connector is built, it is added to our catalog, providing value to all our clients.

Connectors are instrumental in performing various operations, including booking shipments, generating labels, scheduling pickups, and tracking shipment statuses.

Our preferred method for integrating a carrier into the Carriyo platform is through the Carriyo Plug & Play specification, which enables carriers to seamlessly join our platform.

However, in cases where a carrier is unable to implement the Carriyo Plug & Play specification, we offer the option to design and build custom connector that is specifically tailored for that carrier.

This guide serves as a resource for carriers interested in integrating with the Carriyo platform. It outlines the high-level requirements we expect from the carrier API in order to develop a reliable connector. If you are a carrier seeking integration with Carriyo, this guide is an excellent starting point to understand how you can prepare for the integration process.