Checklist & Next Steps

Initial Checklist

Please share the information below to start the process.

  • Review all questions under "Integration Requirements" in this guide and answer all questions highlighted. Please consolidate your responses in a document and share with your primary contact in Carriyo.
  • Share all API documentation and any other developer resources.
  • Share display name and logo (high-resolution SVG) to represent your brand on the Carriyo platform.
  • Provide access to your test environment - test account and api credentials.
  • Download the Carriyo status list and map your statuses to the Carriyo list.
  • Download the Carriyo master list of cities and areas and map your list to the Carriyo list.

Next Steps for Integration

  1. Carrier team will share all the information in the above checklist.
  2. Carriyo team will review and schedule a discovery call to clarify open points and agree any changes required on the carrier side to meet Carriyo's requirements.
  3. Carriyo team will start implementing the connector on it's platform, while the carrier team will continue supporting the integration.
  4. Once development is completed, both teams will test the connector to sign off the integration.
  5. Upon sign off from both sides, the connector will be deployed on the Carriyo platform.

Final Checklist for Sign-off

  • Status Mapping

    • Check if all statuses are mapped correctly
  • City & Area Mapping

    • Check if all cities and areas are mapped as expected
  • Book shipment with single parcel

    • Check AWB or tracking number in response
    • Check for successful label generation
  • Book shipment with multiple parcels

    • Check AWB or tracking number for multi parcel shipments
    • Check labels for multi parcel shipments
  • Validate error response during shipment booking

    • Check data validation errors during booking
    • Check technical errors during booking
  • Validate Status Updates (via status pull)

    • Check the status code in response
    • Check the status date and status history in the response
  • Validate Status Updates (via real-time webhook callbacks)

    • Check tracking number in the webhook payload
    • Check status code in the webhook payload
    • Check status date in the webhook payload
  • Cancel shipment (if supported)

    • Check cancel shipment before shipping
    • Check cancel shipment after shipping
  • Schedule Shipments for Collection (if supported)

    • Check if shipment collection can be scheduled for on-demand deliveries.
  • Manifest Shipments for Collection (if supported)

    • Check if shipments can be manifested for collection with the carrier.